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2019 Community Support Partner.

In June 2019, Day Solutions Foundation received a United Way Support Grant to expand our current Day Habilitation, Community Integration Program in the United Way Central Missouri service region. Click here to learn more.


Our Mission

Our mission at the Day Solutions Foundation is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities in the state of Missouri by creating meaningful experiences, otherwise unavailable, providing opportunities for positive community engagement, and access to goods, services and support which help build self-confidence, maximize personal growth and improve the quality of life.

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Helpful Resources

When DSF originated in 2016, our mission was to support adults with developmental disabilities in Jefferson City, MO. We quickly expanded to include teens as well as surrounding counties. With the origination of our Missouri Specialty License Plate in early 2018, we have since expanded our camp scholarship program to a state wide level. As we continue to grow, one of our goals along the way is to help unite the many wonderful programs that we come across to make it easier for individuals and caretakers to find and access information that may be beneficial. 



thousand Dollars Raised

To date, DSF has relied on fundraising, and the support of our gracious donors as primary sources of funding. 



Years Serving communities

DSF was established in 2016 and has continued to grow and expand it's reach in our community with each passing year.



lives Impacted

Since our establishment, more than 100 individuals have been impacted by our organization and it's outreach programs.


Our Programs

DSF offers a variety of programs throughout our community and surrounding areas. Additionally, we do our best to serve to help connect and provide information to families about other programs, benefits and helpful resources to the families and caretakers of those with special needs. 


Camp scholarships

DSF began offering both full week and weekend special needs camp scholarships in 2016. In 2017, DSF initiated the creation of a Missouri Specialty License Plate, Uniting All Abilities, to create a permanent source of funding for these scholarships. 

somo athlete funds assistance

In 2018, DSF partnered with Special Olympics of Missouri to create a source of funding for athletes struggling to pay local fees to participate in sporting events in the Central Missouri Area. 


social skills speech group

In 2017, DSF partnered with Speak Easy, LLC to bring a social skills group to Jefferson City where individuals with developmental disabilities could practiced learned social skills and speech with their peers. 

after school tutoring

In 2018, DSF began offering free and customized tutoring to provide additional assistance to help clients reach their educational goals. Education plans are customized based on individual needs and this program does require registration. 

Special events

DSF and ILRC partnered in January 2018 to join forces in bringing cost free, fun, social engagement opportunities to both teens and adults with special needs in our community. 


community integration grants

DSF offers grants, when available, to day programs in Jefferson City, to cover client portion of community integration outings. For more information on application and grant availability, please contact Tiffany at 573-691-7242.


February 2018

This year, local non-profit for individuals with developmental disabilities, Day Solutions Foundation partnered with the church to do the same – covering half the cost of tuxedos for 42 Night to Shine participants.

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Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with Day Solutions Foundation. We are always looking for local businesses, community leaders, volunteers and sponsors to be a part of our success. Whether it is partnering for one of our local events, volunteering your time or talents, there is always a need for those with a passion for caring, and kindness. 


Sign Up to attend our events

This sign up is for those with special needs 13 years or older who wish to attend or participate in one of our events.

Volunteer opportunities

Would you like to contribute your time to our organization? Do you have a passion for working with special needs?

Make a Donation

No matter the size every donation puts us one step closer, to reaching new lives, and creating new programs in our community.