Uniting All Abilities License Plate

Uniting All Abilities License Plate


Proceeds from your purchase will help send those with developmental disabilities to a special needs camp in Missouri!

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Q: How long after I order my license plate can I expect it to be ready for pick up?

A: The Day Solutions Foundation is still in the license plate development process. We must collect 200 completed applications, with payment, before the plates will go into production. Once we have received the necessary application amount, the applications, emblem use authorization, and payments will be forwarded to the Missouri Department of Revenue to begin production. Production of the plates should take around two months.


Q: Can you get a stock DSF license plate, or does it have to be a personalized plate?

A: The DSF specialty plate is only available in a personalized license plate.

When I pay the $40.00 fee, how long is the license plate good for?

A: The $40.00 fee includes a $15.00 Department of Revenue fee good for a one year plate, and a $25.00 emblem use authorization from Day Solutions Foundation, also good for one year.

When I go to renew my plates at the end of the expiration, do I pay $40.00 again?

A: Yes, the fee will be the same for each year to renew the plate. If you would like to purchase a two-year plate instead of a one year, the initial check shall be written for $65.00, and an additional payment of $15.00 will be made to the Department of Revenue at the time the plates are picked up, for a total of $80.00.


Q: I want to purchase a specialty plate, but my plates don’t expire for a while. How does that work?

A: Purchasers who have current plates will still complete the application and submit the $40.00 payment. There is a $5.50 transfer fee when converting from a stock to a specialty license plate, but that fee, along with any credit which is due for the overlapping of registration fees will be addressed with the DOR http://www.charitydsf.orgat the time you pick up your license plate.


Q: How will I be notified once the plate is available for pick up?

A: Applicants will be notified, by mail, when their plates are ready for pick up.


Q: Where can I find the office number for my application?

A: Visit http://dor.mo.gov and enter your zip code in the green box, labeled “Find a License Office”, and click on the magnifying glass. To the right of the map, you will find a list of available office locations and numbers. If you are unable to locate the office number, you may leave it blank, but the office name and city must be completed.


Q: How do I renew my DSF Specialty Plates once they have expired?

A: Missouri Specialty Plates expire in July of each year. In order to renew your plates, you must pay the $25.00 fee to Day Solutions Foundation in order to obtain your emblem use authorization form for the upcoming year. Once received, you will take the EUA to the DOR and pay the additional $15.00 fee to renew your plates.


Q: Can one check be used to pay for multiple applications?

A: Yes. You may write one check to Day Solutions Foundation for multiple applications – each with its own fee of $40.00.


Q: What is the process for applying for a camp scholarship from the license plate fund?

A: Visit www.charitydsf.org and download the Camp Application from our home page. The application includes instructions for submitting applications.


Q: Are there geographical boundaries for applying camps or campers?

A: Yes. Since the money supporting our camp funds comes from a Missouri Specialty License Plate, both the camper’s primary residence, and the camp of choice must be located in Missouri.